3d printed models and Surgical guides


We make tooth supported, bone supported and tissue supported surgical guides for completely as well as partially edentulous patients.

Requirements for Guided surgery -

Partially edentulous cases                                                                              

  1. CBCT scan of the jaw in DICOM format
  2. Intra-oral scan of the jaw/lab scan of stone model in .stl formal or CBCT scan of stone model in DICOM format.

Completely edentulous cases

  • CBCT scan of patient with denture in mouth
  • CBCT scan of denture
  • Denture should have radiopaque markers ( gutta-percha points, composite etc.) placed on it.
  • 6 markers are needed. 3 on buccal surfaces and 3 on palatal/lingual of denture teeth. 



We make 3d models of maxilla, mandible, skull, TMJ etc

Requirement for models

  • Dicom data of the patient's scan