Online 2D and 3D reporting for CBCT scans and radiographs


DentXReporting provides online 2D and 3D reporting for CBCT scans and radiographs taken at other places. With the help of most advanced software, we are able to provide accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. All you need to do is to upload DICOM files of CBCT scan in zip format and mail it to us.

  • To upload Scans for reporting purpose, you will have to register with us and Log in with the registered ID.


We provide reports for following CBCT centres across the nation.

  1. Scan2Plan,  Bhivandi ,  Maharashtra
  2. Porwal Diagnostics,  Bhayander,  Maharashtra
  3. Agrawal Diagnostics,  Mumbai,  Maharashtra
  4. Panvel CBCT centre, Panvel, Maharashtra
  5. 3DdentaSCAN, Vapi, Gujarat
  6. Madhava Diagnostics, Bareily Uttar Pradesh
  7. Planora3d, Bhubaneshwar, Orissa
  8. Akola Dental Scan, Akola, Maharashtra
  9. TrueScan CBCT Nagpur, Maharashtra
  10. Bhosari CBCT centre, Pune, Maharashtra





  • How do I upload scan data?
  1. To upload data, you will need to register and login using the registered Id. after that you can click on ‘ Get your report’ and upload your file


  • How much time will I receive my report?
  1. Once you upload the scan, you will get your report within 48 hrs.


  • For how many days will my report be available of your portal?
  1. Your report would be available for 7 days. After that it will be deleted. Make sure you download it within 7 days.